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Our story

Ever since she was a little girl, Juliet had loved chocolate. Not just any chocolate, good chocolate. And, as she got older, that love only grew. She ate chocolate, thought chocolate and, above all, drank chocolate.


But where was the hot chocolate she’d been dreaming of? A delicious drink where you didn’t have to wade through sugary syrups to get fabulous flavours. She’d just have to make her own.


Along came Jasmine. She was a bona-fide chocoholic too (although a bit less fussy). Anything from Dairy Milk to the finest Valhrona made her happy.


When Juliet and Jasmine met, they quickly discovered what they had in common. Over a cup of tea and a bar of gourmet chocolate from the secret stash in the kitchen, Juliet revealed her dream. And Jasmine liked it. Jaz & Jul’s was born.

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Playing with chocolate at home, friends and family came round to ladle hot chocolate from a big pan on the stove, where chocolate had been melted, spices grabbed from the rack and tipped in, sometimes with almond or hazelnut milk and a dash of rosewater, slightly different each time. It was a hit! But how to get the recipes down to share them with the world? Could people recreate them at home?


After lots of tasting, melting, and yet more tasting (poor things), Juliet and Jasmine worked out how to put together chocolate, real spices and essential oils so all their customers would have to do was melt it into milk. Easy peasy. And they went to great lengths to make sure all their packaging was compostable or recyclable and everything was ethically sourced, so if their chocolate made anyone feel naughty it was only about their waistline, not hurting the planet.


Now Jasmine can live the dream of spreading happiness through chocolate. And Juliet still gets to lick the bowl out at the end.