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Frequently asked questions

Organic? What does that mean?

Organic food is grown and produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or GMOs. The core principles of organic food production are sustainability and to be environmentally friendly.


All products labelled organic must be certified by an approved certification body. This ensures traceability from the grower to you, with inspections at every stage.



Is your chocolate Fairtrade?

All of the chocolate we use is fully traceable to the source of the cocoa, with clear supply chains to ensure high ethical standards. The chocolate in our main range comes from the Grenada Chocolate Company. The Grenadian farmers own their own farms and jointly own the factory where the cocoa is made into chocolate bars, so the money they earn is far higher than Fairtrade guidelines stipulate.



Is any of your hot chocolate sugar free?

Sorry, all of our products contain a small amount of sugar. However, our drinking chocolate is much lower in sugar than many commercial drinking chocolate mixtures you can buy – some of which contain more sugar than chocolate! Our current range is all either 60% or 71% cocoa solids.



Do Jaz & Jul's drinking chocolates contain nuts, dairy or anything else that will affect my allergies?

All of our products are dairy free except for Quite White. We recommend making dairy-free hot chocolate at home with oat or almond milk. There are no nuts, eggs, wheat or gluten in any of our products however they are made in a kitchen where any of these ingredients may be present.



How should I store my Jaz & Jul's drinking chocolate at home?

Store your packets in a cool, dry place. Kitchen cupboards are ideal. Radiators and sunny windowsills are not!



Grenada? I didn't know they grew cocoa in Spain!

No, silly! Grenada in the Caribbean, not Granada in Spain! Cocoa trees only grown in tropical climates.



Is your chocolate raw?




Is it thick hot chocolate?

Thick hot chocolate, Spanish or Italian style, isn't so much to do with the ingredients as the method of preparation – chocolate is heated with a small amount of water, reduced and repeated several times to thicken. If you use Jaz & Jul's drinking chocolate to make a typical English milky hot chocolate, it will still be thicker and more chocolatey than sugar and cocoa mixtures. For a thicker chocolate shot with our drinking chocolate, mix equal weights of chocolate and hot water.



Can I use Jaz & Jul's drinking chocolate to make cold chocolate milk drinks?

Yes! Melt into a small amount of hot water to make a chocolate shot first, then add to cold milk.



Can I come work for Jaz & Jul's?

We occasionally have seasonal vacancies for people to sell our products at events and markets. We're fully staffed at the moment but we'll post up next time we need anyone new.