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Flavour hot chocolate

Orangeytang: Orange hot chocolate sprinkled with mulled wine spices... A grown-up take on a childhood favourite, our orange hot chocolate will stir your sweetest memories. With cardamom and a touch of cloves, this is a drink to linger over.


Chilli con choccy: This one will put hairs on your chest! The Aztecs used crushed chillies in their chocolate and when we tried it we could see why. Your first sip will bring a subtle, spiced warmth then… just wait for the kick.


Gingerbread, man!: For those who like a little spice... This is the darkest of our flavours, bringing the taste of Christmas even in the middle of Summer! We worked hard to get the combination of spices for a perfect winter treat.


Masala mojo: Like chai, but with chocolate... Inspired by traditional garam masala recipes, we've created our own blend of 9 sweet indian spices that mix perfectly with chocolate to create a warm, comforting drink. Curry hot chocolate may sound a bit odd, but trust us, you'll love it.


Cinnamon rose: Sweet cinnamon provides a delicate backdrop, but romantic rose is the star of this show. A perfect drink for bedtime, with a delicate chocolate taste and the aroma of Turkish Delight.


Caralimelicious: We know that caramel and lime might seem a little out there?... but give it a try! Lime chocolate with sparkly caramel pieces make this a sweet and slightly tangy treat. An old favourite with an unexpected twist.


Mintchievous: This refreshing and deceptively light combination will remind you why peppermint chocolate has long been an after-dinner favourite. Dark, smooth chocolate with a minty tingle, delicious hot or iced.


Raspberry dream: Rich, dark chocolate and deep pink raspberries are a classic combination. We've added a drop of pure lavender oil for our own flowery twist on a fruity favourite.


Quite white: A snowstorm of sweet white chocolate is balanced with a hint of peppercorns. Adults and children alike find it hard to resist this creamy temptation!

For our Flavour range, our dark chocolate shavings are naturally flavoured with ground spices and essential oils. We take flavours that traditionally work well with chocolate and give them our own unique twist - our range has something for everyone.


All the varieties in Jaz & Jul's Flavour range are made with chocolate from Chocolaterie Robert in Madagascar.

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