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Drinking chocolate

We make proper hot chocolate.


For chocolate purists, we have our Origin hot chocolate range; as with wine and coffee, cocoa from different parts of the world has different flavour notes.


We use high quality, single-origin chocolate from small producers who take care over their product.


For our Flavour range, our dark chocolate shavings are naturally flavoured with spices and fruit oils. We take flavours that traditionally work well with chocolate and give them our own unique twist - our range has something for everyone.


Jaz & Jul's drinking chocolates aren't just good for snuggling up on chilly winter evenings- they're also great iced. Mintchievous is perfect in the summer, poured over ice for a cool, refreshing chocolatey hit. Or use as a versatile cooking ingredient, sprinkling Caralimelicious over an ice cream sundae or  blending Orangeytang into some indulgent chocolate orange brownies.


Our mixtures come in the form of fine chocolate shavings, so making a drink is quick and easy.

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